Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love how my thoughts seem to seep out more prominently late at night. This post doesn't have much direction, just spilling things out. Read if you so desire :)

This past weekend I went on Intervarsity's Chapter Retreat and had an a amazing time! I expected nothing less :) One negative thing though: got a massive rug burn on my right knee that has developed into several chunks of scabs that make it difficult to walk without having me wince in slight pain. Gross I know. What's even more hysterical is watching me trying to ride a bike, pushing the left pedal over and over because I can't bend my right knee enough to pedal that side. It's terrible..I feel like I broke a bone or something, nope only a scabby scab in just the wrong spot.

Aside from that problem...chapter retreat and its goodness. It really means a lot to me that trip. My freshman year I was really struggling to make friends up until that weekend in february. I wasn't even planning on going until a friend from high school (who also goes to CNU) really urged me to, the night of one Intervarsity large group. "Hey are you going on the retreat this weekend?" "I don't think so man, I don't really know anyone." "Uh you know me. Don't worry i'll take you, be ready to leave around 5 and i'll pick you up." ...It's simple gestures like that that make a big difference in someone's life. If my friend hadn't been persistent in trying to get me to come, I wouldn't have made so many friendships, I wouldn't have broken out of my shell a little more, I wouldn't have been able to step into the amazing group of Christian fellowship that CNU has. I'm so thankful for that. Don't ever overlook the simple gestures.

Another rambling that's been floating around my mind recently is THIS summer. What in the WORLD can I do? Praise Jesus I have a good living situation lined up for next year with bros who love the Lord like me. But after this semester and before that one..what in the world can I do? Im really looking for something that can tie in to my major: Spanish. Internship abroad is what i am REALLY feelin. Who know's, but I've got to get on the ball. Time is indeed flying.

That's all really. Just a quick splurge of a blogpost. School is going well. God is good. And you're a great friend for reading all this.

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