Friday, February 25, 2011

A Due Thanks

My Church back home in Va Beach was able to help me pay for the missions trip to Newark this year. God is ALWAYS good. And even if I didn't get money for this trip he would still be good.

I'm excited to be stripped away this coming week. This trip is something i've done every year since being in college and I haven't regretted it since..well maybe once the last day last year when I was vomitting incessantly, but that probably won't happen again right? Anyways this trip is so humbling. Every time it strips me down and reminds me that I AM SO blessed and fortunate and that others aren't. We did this song last night at IV and it's a good expression of what we all need to ask of God for our lives.

Strip away all that remains
For Your glory and Your Name
'til there's nothing left of me
Burn the kingdoms I have made
That You would shine and I would fade
'til there's nothing left of me
'til there's nothing left of me

Video of a recap of our time in Newark last year:

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