Friday, January 28, 2011

Do you really want what you ask for?

I wanted to keep up with this blog first and foremost because I really, truly believe it's good for someone to jot down their thoughts on their everyday lives. Very good in fact. But to be honest It's been difficult. How can I find something interesting and exciting to type when I all I do is go to college and take classes? Should I really vomit up some info from a spanish class and tell people about Mr. Mariano Jose de Larra and how his sarcastic short story entitled "Vuelva Usted MaƱana" (Return Tomorrow) depicts the stereotypically lazy lifestyle of the average spanish person?? Uhhh No thank you.

So I was just really wishing for something to write about, something more than boring ole' college classes. And boy did I get what I asked for.

On Tuesday night (I believe it was) I went to the library to record a dialogue with a friend for a Spanish 308 assignment. Simple enough. But almost everytime I go the TribLib I think of my captain's card that holds dining dollars on it and I slowly but surely convince myself into buying a tasty coffee from the wonderful Einstein's cafe. A terrible habit. So, after almost finishing our recording Aubrie and I were chatting it up a little before parting, and I unfortunately make a move that tops the charts on the Most Clumsy Moments Ever list. Reaching for a pen on the left hand side of my computer, I knock my cup of coffee onto the keyboard of my Macbook. Ahhh!! screams through my mind. I grab my computer as quick as possible and tilt it upside down trying to shake out as much of the dark aromatic liquid as possible. Fortunately my cup was almost empty but I would guess a good handful went into the computer. So after a few frantic moments we clean up the mess and part. The screen had flickered on and off before so I was praying on the way home that all would be alright with it. Prayin hard.

On to part deux of the story. To put it bluntly, my roommates and I were late on paying for our gas bill. Darn living in a house off campus that proves much responsibility will indeed by required! Growing is a learning process yes it is. Thus upon returning home our house was freezing and my negative disposition grew. The next few days felt like torture! A college kid with no computer and having to go to sleep bundled up in sweatpants and big sweatshirt isn't the most fun situation to be in. Complaining was not an uncommon occurence.

But Fortunately my week is done and I can say all is good.. After a few days of drying my computer in front of a heater and not turning it on, it is seemingly working just fine, praise the Lawd. Also, we got our bill payed and heat is presently filling the house. God is good.

I'll definitely be cautious of I what I wish for in the future ;)

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