Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Travelin' Ambition

Often lately i've been talking with my Dad about traveling. Why? Because it's is what I LONG do so much in my life and he, being a retired Navy Master Chief, knows so much about the world. I've taken to looking at a few different options for after school. I could teach english abroad. I could look for a basic job. I could simply save a lot in the mean time and just go explore. The options are endless. I really I want to spend time somewhere for a year and THEN come back to the States and go to graduate school. I have thought about Spain because I speak Spanish, but Im not going to let that restrict..I can seriously go wherever I want. Ultimately my dream job would be to work for the State Department of the U.S.!! But I need to definitely go to grad school and build my resume first! What's interesting for that all this talk of the future and a career is becoming more and more natural. Great. I've become more of an adult.

Why do I have so much drive to travel and see the world? I was recently talking to my friend Janice ( pronounced Juh-niece ) and I was telling her how I desire to see the world, other places and cultures so, so much! And she told me how that's cool but stuff like that is totally not for her. She's scared to even leave Norfolk and come 20 minutes to Chesapeake! Hahaha, as funny as that may be it's Janice's personal preference. It's cool to see how people can be different. It caught me off guard because I guess I foolishly assume everyone has the same wants and ambitions as me. For myself, though, traveling has ALWAYS been apart of my life. I remember when my dad was on Navy Deployments we would track where in the world he was with stickers and thumb tacks on a huge map. Also due to the fact that i'm a Navy kid i've had the pleasure of living in five different states. And finally my freaking mom is from a whole different country! That brings into our house different and unique customs and traditions. Foreign things basically help make up who I am! I know I jokingly joke about being half asian and whatnot, but to be honest it's cool being apart of a different world and engaging it.

I really don't know what I was getting at in this blogpost, but I am going to see the world and i'll do whatever it takes! My mission starts now!

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