Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Week

I'm not so sure why I decided to start up a blog. I have a hard enough time as it is just writing papers for school! And now I want to start writing for fun. Ahh we'll see how this goes.

So this will probably one of the biggest weeks ever of my sophomore year! There isn't even much academic stuff going, it's just a lot of well, other stuff. Today, in about and hour i'll find out if i'm going to know where i'll be living for next year. Casa Nueva is a house right down the road from the CNU InterVarsity house and I know some of the guys who live there this year. But, it's an off campus house so basically we (the other guys I want to live with and myself) have to get our name(s) on the title so we can pay the rent for the next year. I truly want to live in a house and just provide a spot for people to hang out in if they so choose. And it's a lot cheaper than many other places CNU has to offer. SO that is currently in my thoughts.

Another thing i've been thinking a lot about is what Christian organization i'll be involved in next year. This year i've done a lot with CNU's InterVarsity. Being on C-team we help plan events for our "IV" chapter. I applied for leadership again with IV but I have also been checking out YoungLife. YoungLife is a similar christian organization, but the leaders there go out into local high schools, public and private, and build life long relationships with teens and teach them about Jesus. I'm really torn about what I want to do. Maybe I should just do neither?! Who knows. Hopefully God will show me something. I pray He does.

Finally, one subject that is also floating around my mind is studying abroad next year. As if finding out where i'll be living next year isn't dificult enough, I might be in another country! Agh! I went on a 2 week study abroad at the beginning of last summer (it wasn't nearly long enough) but I had so much fun and I learned a lot and I knew travel was something I want to be doing frequently. One of the professors who also went on that trip has been contacting me a lot recently and urging me to study abroad. You see, I know i'd like to do but I'd had missing time here with all of my friends. I know it's kind of a lame reason but i really do cherish the community i've been blessed with. There's so much bouncing around in my head right now it's ridiculous.

Do I really trust God to provide for me? Maybe He'll let me slip in some way or another so that I can rely on Him even more. I've got tons to think on. prayer would be greatly appreciated :)

So here's to my first blog post ever!


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