Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Appreciating Creation

God is so good! I've been recently just taking in the world around me. I've been noticing that as much as God is huge and powerful, He is incredibly intricate and detailed as well. He's the best Artist there is and He's doing it for us.

I was reading Mere Christianity the other day and C.S. Lewis mentions how we generally write many things off for being simple ...while in fact they are not quite so. They're not simple at all. That little tree in your front yard is composed of trillions of different cells and atoms and things we can't even see. Man do I take things for granted. The world around me is amazing and detailed by God. He did it for us.

It's cool to take that in. He did it for us. Because He loves us. I have a hard time thinking that God loves me and I have a hard time even feeling His love. But just going for a stroll outside should remind me of this. He couldn't be more obvious in saying it to me! Look at the beauty of his creation! Appreciate it! Cherish it. Thank you God for a glimpse of your glory that you've instilled in nature. Thank you for loving me.

This last picture is of "Havasu Falls" in Arizona. I think it's in the Grand Canyon national state park and I would DIE to go there! Road trip anyone?

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